Akumal Trip, July 2003



Just arrived – Joe is dead!!!  I have the room all to myself!


Oh, he’s still alive.  Now we’re at Tulum – only seaside Mayan pyramid


Debbie discovered a Yucatan bear at Tulum (and the kids believed her)



It was very windy!




More Tulum



Present day Tulum ruler



On to Coba, a jungle Mayan ruin (tallest Mayan pyramid in Yucatan)


Joe is losing his mind!



And John and Debbie have other things on their minds …    


Group photo!


Aarghh!!!  Are we supposed to climb that thing?



Okay … Joe and Mel go first.




Made it to the top!




Don’t look down!




Debbie found more pets!




This looks scary!




Oh no! I’m going to die!




We’re kind of blocking the traffic here.




Great! A bike path.



Come on! Slow poke!




Last ruin, Chicken Itza, oh, sorry, Chichen Itza.


Right to the top!



Debbie:  I’m acrophobic!



Let’s use crabwalk to get down!



A long way to go still!




Whew… Let’s take a picture before we faint.



Next, the ball court



Lose the game, lose your head (see the blood spewing from the neck?)




A chilling moment in front the commemorative wall of chopped heads of losing captains.




Jaguar and phoenix are popular motifs



Horseback ride on the beach!  Unfortunately, Joe’s horse has a flatulence problem, John’s horse has the runs, and Debbie’s horse is a compulsive roadside eater.  Only Mel’s horse is somewhat normal.




Water is nice and warm – but we didn’t bring our swimming suits!  Are  those two red things lobsters?  Or has the Marine landed?




A helping hand.




After the hot beach, a cool and refreshing Cenote (limestone sinkhole filled with rain water and fish).



The back of our condo provides a Kodak moment.




Breakfast in Akumal is so good that Joe licks his fingers clean.




A sign of civilization! This is just like home!


Our beachfront condo …




Watch out for crab crossing!




Some underwater shots …





Oh, we are so tired…